All Things Work Together For Good. Romans 8:28.....Or The Devil Finds Work for Idle Hands To Do...More L'Affaire Pierre... ~ Annapolis Capital Punishment

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

All Things Work Together For Good. Romans 8:28.....Or The Devil Finds Work for Idle Hands To Do...More L'Affaire Pierre...

The Sun Misses The Big Story...As Usual...As Pierre's Hole Widens

Let us recount the whole chain of events in a minute or less....Zina Pierre returned to Annapolis to run for mayor and wins in an upset. Information appears about her legal and financial background. Pierre drops out. Next day Pierre says she is back in and will make announcement in 5 days. The rumor mill churns incessantly. During these past five days more and more questions about Pierre's residency and financial situation continue to surface. See all my previous posts for the past week.

Now, jump forward to this morning as The Baltimore Sun, the once great newspaper, struggles to stay on top of the story...and fails. But the real news is about Pierre's campaign as it has always on...While CP broke the story last night about  Pierre's illegal "robocall" using President Bill Clinton because it failed to include an authority line, AND raised questions about three months of no checks being disbursed during the height of the campaign AND a series of missing checks, The Sun was "hot" on the trail of another financial "inconsistency" but missed this big picture.... It seems that the Pierre campaign spent over $11,000 for an organization called IQ Associates supposedly for "literature drops." Now I don't know why a campaign needs a professional to do literature drops (do you?), or why it costs $11,000 or why it should go to someone in Baltimore, but The Sun reported (and was picked up elsewhere) that:

"The company's name does not appear in online records of the state Department of Assessments and Taxation. The report gives a business address for IQ Associates that is a private home in Baltimore, owned by a couple who say they don't know Pierre and don't operate any company."
So the trail went cold for the once great Baltimore Sun. But an alert reader, again unsolicited, picked up the scent and got CP on to it this morning....and we have located IQ Associates in Baltimore where all this money was spent....IQ as in "Iris Queen" and we found her web-site   Of course we don't fault the intrepid Sun reporter who actually gets paid to do this (uh yeah..) but what can we learn about IQ Associates who received all this money from Zina Pierre? Let us see what the company says about itself:

We provide political literature distribution, and are available to assist you with other services as needed throughout your campaign.  We also offer training for your volunteers to distribute literature.
Our services are also available to businesses outside of the political arena. We currently serve Maryland, Washington DC. and surrounding counties.

Hmm......hmmmm.....hmmmm....I'm thinking. $11,000 plus to a Baltimore company to drop off literature and to train people in how to do it....I'm thinking....I'm thinking---training....What might that mean? Training......Okay people, line up. Here is a bunch of literature. Be sure to open the top brochures very carefully as you never know what might be hidden inside. You know what to do. Meet me back here at noon and there will be more literature for you--and you never know what you might find inside your stack.  And don't forget to tell everyone how nice candidate abc is....the liquor store is around the corner...naw...that no you don't suppose that Iris Queen might actually be taking that money it doesn't take much of an IQ to ask the question, does it???? Are you still with me? Now, dear Baltimore Sun, take what I have dropped in your lap (thanks to my readers and it took a bit more training than doing a literature drop I might say) and you figure out who is Iris Queen and what she is doing with that money. And don't forget that Queen is a large family in the Annapolis area.  But let us look at the IQ web-site a bit more....The bottom of the home page quotes scripture:

All Things Work Together For Good. Romans 8:28
Indeed, but was it not also written that "the devil find work for idle hands"????

By the way, there is no phone number for IQ and Associates but there is an email address. Now, that doesn't make you suspicious--does it??? Naw...Back to Ms. Queen's web-site:

        Iris Queen, Founder of  I.Q. & Associates
Iris Queen is a native of Maryland. She has been a participant in the distribution of literature for political candidates since 2001. Iris works personally; [sic] with each campaign, her experience in this arena is a direct result of working with the leading political strategist in Maryland [sic]. 
The company has distributed literature for candidates running for Mayor, City and County Council, State’s Attorney, State Senate, and Delegates, in Baltimore City, and Prince George’s County, and Washington DC. Our more recent candidates include: Councilman At Large Michael A. Brown(Washington DC), Delegate Barbara Robinson (Baltimore City), Bowie City Council At Large Kevin Conroy, Bowie City Councilman Todd Turner, Bowie City Councilman Michael Lyles, PG County Delegate James Hubbard, and Bowie City Mayor Fred Robinson.
Ooh.Ooh...Hey Baltimore Sun--here is a rich and deep vein to mine-- and as usual, you won't give CP the credit, but hey, enjoy all your hard-earned paychecks and benefits while you track this down...

See Pierre's last finance report at:

I can't help but be reminded of Deep Throat's admonition to Woodward and Berntein...."follow the money"....And I can't help but think of Orwell's "1984". Remember how he thought the "proles" (as in "proletariat") would eventually see who is really controlling them and rise up and revolt?.....Didn't happen...

Remember what Iris Queen puts at the bottom of her web-site:
All Things Work Together For Good. Romans 8:28.....                    Yes. Indeed.

Which of these below images is that of the real "Iris Queen"? Will the real "Iris Queen" please stand up?.....Some people in suits may have some literature to drop off at your door.....


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