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Friday, August 20, 2010

2010 Elections Again

He is a man on the go. Emergency Room Physician, husband of a doctor and father of two children Ron Elfenbein is working hard to unseat Senator John Astle in Marylands' 3oth and while Elfenbein shuttled between The Eastport Civic Association's picnic last night at Mears Marina and a fundraiser with former Governor Bob Ehrlich, who has endorsed Elfenbein, Astle was nowhere to be found--and neither was House Speaker Mike Busch--although both Delegates Virginia Clagett and Ron George and other candidates for delegate such as Judd Legum, Seth Howard and Herb McMillan were on hand.  All three District Six County Council candidates Chuck Ferrar, Chris Trumbauer and Doug Burkhardt greeted the ECA members whose leader Vic Pascoe made sure to introduce everyone and to announce the donation of $2500 to the Eastport Volunteer firefighters for a new truck! Fire Chief Stokes and Deputy Chief Simmons were there as well as Captain Doug Remaley and Firefighter Svoboda and many other firefighters some of whom were called away on an emergency...hopefully they got to finish their food served up by Adams Ribs.
Police Chief Mike Pristoop and other officers such as Joe Ridley, Captain Brian Della and Bike Officer Craig Medley ( until a call made him pedal off...) joined in.  Green Party candidate for county executive Mike Shay enjoyed eating and talking with his supporters and others but his opponents were off elsewhere....Hey, I don't fault any candidate for not coming, but this is the most active and engaged civic association in Annapolis, with one possible exception--the folks of Ward One and Oh, I did not forget to mention Mayor Josh Cohen who returned to his once "home turf" and of course Eastport's Alderman Ross Arnett, who it must be mentioned, received the biggest applause and cheers by far of any elected official present at the event.

Ron Elfenbein for State Senate campaign has raised more than $49,000 since January 2010, more money than incumbent John Astle this period. Today, Ron announced the grand opening of his campaign headquarters on 1919 West Street in the Petrie Ross Building. see here for details http://www.electronelfenbein.com/ 

Doug Burkhardt reports that his fundraiser at The Rockfish Restaurant earlier this week attracted over 75 supporters including the head of the Maryland Republican Party while Seth Howard said that the fundraiser he recently held for Michele Corkadel for county council was also well attended and successful. Well, they probably were, but I was unable to make those events so I have to rely on the candidates to report...so any folks out there willing to send in a post?????

Jim Wilhelm for Congress The Fundraiser scheduled for TONIGHT (Friday, 20 August) for Jim at the Bell residence in Columbia has been canceled. However, Wilhelm remains an active and busy candidate...Join Jim at the Howard County Rec. & Parks, Greater Elkridge Community Association, Elkridge Days Festival  on Saturday, August 21, 2010 TIME: 8 AM - Parade Line Up  (Old Washington Rd @ the Alban Co.) 9 AM - Parade Starts... http://www.wilhelmforcongress.com/ 

If it looks as if ACP is providing more information about Republican candidates today than about other candidates, well--it's because they are either more active (??) or they are simply keeping me better informed. Hello out there...please send news and updates!!!!!!...and I will do my best to provide analysis about the financial statements.......who got what money from who and where?????

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