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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


POSITIVE AND CIVIL??? Released a few months back, the Mayor's blog about her “LET’S TALK ANNAPOLIS” scheme, and the Comprehensive Plan due in 2008, is apparently dead. Despite her announced intention on March 15 to make it an interactive tool for discussion about the ongoing Comprehensive Plan, it’s a lot of nothing. The Mayor said, “We’ll talk openly and honestly – not with complaints or criticism – and we’ll try to rediscover our common ground to regain our City’s culture of connection, and advance our collective wisdom.....There are those who contend that talk is cheap. But talk is the most valuable currency we humans exchange because a conversation, forthright and direct, where views are discussed openly and honestly, is an action. Nothing happens, except through conversation. It is always the catalyst, the energizer.”

Positive and civil would be a breath of fresh air from the Moyer administration which uses every meeting, every announcement and every news release to blame somebody for something whether it’s the Capital, residents, taxpayers, some vast conspiracy or extraterrestrial aliens (just kidding there....CP--phone home). Visit the site and see for yourself. This is yet another example of attempting to provide leadership by news releases.


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