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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

PLANNING AND ZONING--Who’s in? Who’s out? Why so many staff?

The Annapolis Planning and Zoning Department's web pages are a bit behind the times as Dirk Geratz is still listed as a planner, but he is gone, and fortunately if CP must so say himself. Readers will recall how CP reported that Geratz was the subject of a state criminal investigation for alleged wrongdoing in his official capacity. His departure may have spared him more trouble, not to mention other higher-ups in our government. You'd think they'd want to erase his name asap ( asap-as soon as planned???)
Patricia Blick, who was recently hired as the Chief of Historic Preservation, has not yet been listed, but her predecessor, who retired, is still listed. How hard can it be to get this information to the webmaster? It reflects a lack of concern on the part of P and Z for providing we the people, with necessary information.
CP has often wondered and discussed with other residents why our Planning and Zoning Department seems to be so large. According to the website, it has 16 staffers. According to their respective websites, other Maryland cities showed the following:
Frederick 10
Salisbury 8
Hagerstown 6
Westminster 4
Aberdeen 4
College Park 5
Ocean City 18 (almost half are inspectors or in similar positions which would be in our Dep’t. of Neighborhood and Environmental Protection, so the comparable number is more like 11. )

CP may be on to something. Certainly there are major differences between each city and Annapolis, as CP has noted concerning its police department, is complex and very busy for its relatively small numbers of residents. Annapolis is larger than many of the other cities listed, but what about Ocean City, which on summer weekends, has over 200,000 visitors and which is constantly building and rebuilding with vast numbers of businesses opening and closing all the time?
CP and others have also noticed how often P and Z hires consultants and more consultants to do more and more studies, so its high staff numbers do not really reflect the full story of how many people are working for it and how much money is being spent for P and Z purposes. Has this been studied or reviewed? Maybe that’s one type of consulting job our city won’t be pursuing.


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