ADEQUATE PUBLIC FACILITIES it adequate? ~ Annapolis Capital Punishment

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


CP appreciates the hard work put forth by our City Council, led by Alderman David Cordle, to enact an adequate public facilities ordinance. However, as reported by The Capital, while it covers many important areas, traffic road impacts were left out. CP is the first to admit the complexity and detail of creating, enacting and now enforcing or attempting to enforce such a set of laws, is mind boggling. The impacts may be far reaching, may lead to complex legal wrangling and may never completely do what its creators set out to do. However, it is a start, an important start to ensure that our city can handle growth and provide services in the future.

Considering CP's lack of familiarity with the law, except in its early stages as a bill, there's not much to comment on it for now. However, it is is a shame that Alderman Shropshire and Stankivic voted against it, considering how long it took to craft, and how everyone was so involved. But they were the minority of 2. Perhaps they are right that by not focusing on impacts on roads, it was inadequate. Only time will tell if we are going down the right path.


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