Sunday, September 16, 2007


.....while the Mayor, Police Chief and Housing Authority......argue. Once again, CP must ask, who is taking leadership to address our crime issues? According to today's Capital, nobody is:

CP thanks The Capital for this article and could hardly have said it better:

The headline was, "Mayor's crime plan turns to bickering" and subheadlined-"Police, housing authority officials not sure how to implement ideas"

Whether it's her ridiculous Segway idea, or getting a horse or who knows what anymore, it seems that neither she, Chief Johnson or Housing Authority Director Eric Brown are on the same page. What began with a lot of foot dragging evolved into a series of news releases and now has fallen into the normal state of disrepair. SNAFU.

HE SAID, SHE SAID....Actually, more like he said and MAYOR SNEERED...

More from The Capital:

"He [Police Chief Johnson] said when Ms. Moyer returned from Europe in August, she proposed a five-point public safety plan, called for a new agreement with the City's Housing Authority, asked him to join the task force and to form a special police recruitment committee. The orders, he said, were short on guidance.
For example, Chief Johnson said he met with Mr. Brown and City Attorney Shaem C. Spencer Tuesday about the new agreement Ms. Moyer wants with the housing authority. When they got in the room together, no one understood what they were really supposed to be doing, he said.
Ms. Moyer said she's not yet heard what happened at that meeting, but said she's been clear and quipped about Mr. Brown not knowing how to read.
Mr. Brown said such comments are "beneath the dignity of her office."
"I consider it offensive and insulting," he said.
Mr. Brown added he's tried to meet face-to-face with the mayor for the past month, but been unable to schedule a meeting."

It gets worse. Read The Capital's article. Please.

And as usual, what is most telling of all is this comment from the Mayor about Mr. Brown, "I guess he doesn't know how to read," she said. Comments such as this no longer surprise Annapolitans. CP asks why did The Capital not check out the Mayor's claim that Mr. Brown did not respond to two letters? This is day one of Journalism 101. Get the facts. Speaking of which, Capital writer Scott Daugherty referred to local police union leader as Jim Lee. It's John Lee. Maybe next time it will be Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee-having him in town would be a real crime fighting opportunity! Chop-chop...


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