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Friday, September 14, 2007


CP has been very pleased with the performance of AA County Executive John Leopold and has praised him and his administration from this blog. We have been led to believe that somehow the new County Executive Leopold is a different kind of politician, yet we find that since taking office less than a year ago, he is already on the campaign warpath. Yep-warpath. CP dislikes those terms such as "war chest" but how can this be any different? The Baltimore Sun reports that he just held a private, invitation-only $4000 a head dinner.,0,2587257.story

The Sun says he raised $100,000 even though he does not stand for re-election until 2010.

It gets worse. Many of the guests were big developers. Oh-the dreaded D word. But of course, that is always where money is concentrated.

Here is what is so troubling. Leopold has been saying all along that he is different and not in bed with special interests. He ran an unusual campaign and in many ways is doing things differently. He did not appear to be seeking or accepting major campaign contributions or backing from corporate interests. He has shifted direction in government and taken a stronger stance against rampant development than any of his predecessors. He has been very positive on many environmental issues and most recently is involved in new legislation that would impose stormwater management fees.

So, why is he already campaigning and raising money? In the fashion of just about any other typical politician, Leopold told The Sun, "They wanted to get to know me better, to get acquainted with me, to have an opportunity to have a frank exchange of views," he said. "Whether a donor gives me $4,000, $1,000 or zero dollars, it won't change the direction I will pursue in the county."


I want to get to know you better too, Mr. Leopold. Do I have to spend $4,000? Developers can meet with you anytime as well too, right? And they have lobbying and trade groups that represent them too, right? So why not meet me--or them, as part of the normal duties of being our County Executive? Why an exclusive dinner party at the Marriott?

Here is an idea for you Mr. Leopold. Keep doing the very best job you can to lead our government. Stop these fundraisers NOW. When the time comes for re-election, we will sweep you back into office because you are different and are doing (and will do) a fine job as head of county government. Be fair. Focus on the campaign promises you made and continue to carry out the policies upon which you have already embarked. You were elected to this office by being a different kind of campaigner. CP knows. CP knew you as a Delegate. CP saw you many days waving in traffic. CP spoke with you at campaign events. George Johnson ignored CP. Next election, you will have the power of incumbency. Make sure when that time comes that you use that power of incumbency by having been the best darn guy in office. Not only that, but if you do so well, no challenger will want to take you on.

Please--stop this campaign finance @$%#**(*($) NOW and get on with the business of good government. And yes, CP would like to meet with you, during normal office hours, and with no donation required. And there is this little parcel of land CP has his eye on, but it seems that .......

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Brian Gill said...

If nothing else it is intersting to watch--Leopold started out being very different but as time goes along he is becoming more of the same (fundraisers, developer money, broken campaign promises, etc.) We shall see what happens!

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