MORE BAD TRANSPORTATION NEWS ~ Annapolis Capital Punishment

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


CP just received this bad news from The Annapolis Department of Transportation (and indirectly from the County):

The last day of service for Annapolis Transit's Kent Island Shuttle and the C-50 South County Connection is Friday, September 28, 2007. Below is an important notice from the Anne Arundel County Office of Planning & Zoning, Transportation Division regarding the C-50 closure:

City of Annapolis has notified the County that it will no longer operate the C-50 route. The last day of service will be Friday, September 28 and will end with the last scheduled run of the day.The County deeply regrets that this service will end and is making every known effort to match this route's users with other means oftransportation. If you are using this route to make a work trip, please contact the Annapolis Regional Transportation Management Association at 410-269-7433(RIDE) to discuss car and van pool opportunities. If you are using this route for shopping and/or medical trips and you are 55 years or older, or you have a disability and are 21 years or older, please contact the Department of Aging and Disabilities at 410-222-4222 or4826. The County is also investigating other possibilities and if any of possible, you will be contacted so that you know what we have learned.C-50 Route, Office of Planning & Zoning, Anne Arundel County2664 Riva Road MS6403, Annapolis, MD 21401

CP is especially saddened since he helped to plan and open the SOuth COunty route and executed the marketing and special events to annouce its arrival. Unfortunately (not for the Annapolis DOT) CP was away when the public meeting about this was held. CP tried in various forums to urge the County to either encourage or force the SOuth COunty users of their very expensive van paratransit service to use the regularly scheduled and less expensive Annapolis Transit service, but this fell on deaf ears. It would have provided a higher level of service for less money, but hey-that's not what government is it? According to insiders, the City continues to refuse to sign the annual agreement with the county allowing it to accept a subsidy for the oepration fo Annapolis Transit.

DON'T EXPECT ARTMA (Annapolis Regional Transportation Management Association) to do a darn thing. It never has, except to take about $60k per year from the County and pretend that it serves a useful purpose. CP would love to hear about your experiences with ARTMA.


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