Monday, October 1, 2007


To paraphrase Buffalo Springfield,. "Something may be happening here, but what it is ain't exactly clear...." Press reports of a November Mideast peace conference to be held at the Naval Academy may be immature.... CP got a hold of an internal email sent from Captain Helen Dunn, executive assistant to the Superintendent, USNA sent October 1 at 8:45 am:

We have been receiving numerous calls from press requesting a reaction to the unconfirmed reports that Annapolis and the Naval Academy are being considered as a potential site for a Mideast Peace Conference. I would encourage your restraint in speaking to media or others about this, as we don’t have any official confirmation on the press reports. As has already been the case, I am sure reporters will by-pass the Public Affairs Office to reach staff, faculty and Midshipmen directly for a comment. Our official position on this is “we can’t confirm the report,” and we are forwarding reporters to the State Department Press Office. Please feel free to refer any calls you might get to the Academy Public Affairs Office. r/EA"

The State Department's Sept 28 press briefing with Deputy Sec'y Tom Casey sheds yet more light on the issue:

"QUESTION: Yeah. Do you have a venue yet for the Middle East conference? I understand that it's apparently going to be held in Annapolis.
MR. CASEY: Hmm. Well, I don't actually have a venue that I can confirm for you at this point, Sue. Certainly we're looking at a variety of locations, as well as trying to think in terms of specific dates and some of the other logistical issues involved here. But I certainly am not in a position to confirm anything for you at this time."

Therefore, there MAY or MAY NOT be a Mideast Peace Summit here in November. CP is so pleased to have been able to report nothing but the facts, and the truth and the whole story to you......rigghhttt.........and why would a reporter ever bypass the Public Affairs Office??? CP is flummoxed!!! The bottom line is nobody knows at this time or they ain't saying....


Anonymous said...

To be fair, the news reports I saw said the Naval Academy will LIKELY be the home of the talks. But my sources say O'Brien's will host the talks at one of its weekly lady's nights.

PAUL FOERfoerp@msn.com said...

As long as they wear burkas so as not to offend anyone.....

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