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Thursday, October 4, 2007

GONE FISHIN....Don't Bite the Hand That Feeds You....(or nurses you)

Alderman are often called upon to get involved in, address or solve the most intractable problems, sometimes even the most, shall we say zany problems. Ward 7 Alderman Sam Shropshire tells CP that he recently got a call from a constituent who was upset that a Great Blue Heron was eating fish from his pond. ???? Why, you ask yourself, would anyone bother an elected or any government official about such a matter? What could a government official possibly do about it? What did this person expect, and what's wrong with a Great Blue Heron in Annapolis? A Great Blue Heron is not a mountain lion or a bear!

What's next? Let's see, "Dear Alderman, it rained last night and I left my car window down. I think we should make city employees hold umbrellas over our cars when this happens." Or "I locked my keys in my house. Can you send a policeman over to break-in?". Or how about, "Dear Alderman, my kids track mud in the house. Do you think we should have them arrested? At the least, can you make the schools provide a program to teach proper behavior?" I could go on, but....

The good Alderman reports that he thanked the resident for feeding one of our precious native species and suggested he put a net over the pond.


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