HARRY POTTER FESTIVAL??? "Waiving" fees... ~ Annapolis Capital Punishment

Monday, October 8, 2007

HARRY POTTER FESTIVAL??? "Waiving" fees...

City Council is considering "waiving" fees for a Harry Potter street festival. Why doesn't somebody open up a wand shop on Maryland Avenue and just give City Council a Nimbus 2000 (probably a Nimbus 2007 by now) and WAVE the fees....I could not let that one pass.... Maybe the wand we'd use would be called a Nimby 21403......Okay, I won't make any comments about witches or ogres in city hall or the dark arts of government.....might be referred to as "negative" some such thing..... Good thing Brian over at http://www.annapolispolitics.blogspot.com/ is covering the council meeting. Check out what will surely be humorous and perspicacious comments.


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