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Thursday, October 11, 2007

HAVE YOU CONSIDERED LOCAL THEATER?...all the world's a stage...

Located on Inner West Street, the 85-seat Bay Theater Company is now performing the musical, "I Do, I Do" through November 10. This is a professional, non-profit theater company that pays its actors! How they do this with an 85-seat theater has got to be tough, but ticket prices for adults are only $25 per show and there are even discounts for groups or subscribers. Sounds like a bargain to me. The Bay Theater is also in need of volunteers, subscribers or folks to host an actor or director. Visit http://www.baytheater.org/ for details.

And then of course there is the much better known Colonial Players, an all-volunteer organization that performs in a small downtown Annapolis theater. Ticket prices for adults are at $20.00. Visit http://www.cplayers.com/.

If you really like semi-professional theatrics, try attending a city or county council meeting or Maryland General Assemby hearing. Admission to these events, which often involve audience participation, are free, but production costs are soaring!!!


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