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Friday, October 26, 2007


In case you've been asleep or you've given up on The Capital, you may wish to take a look at its newest columnist, Eric Hartley. In the brief time he's been penning his own column, he's covered diverse topics, each time with insight and sensitivity that CP cannot recall ever coming from the other Eric. In two of his latest pieces, Hartley provides his take on the trial of the shooting at the mall, or what the owners prefer to dignify with the name, Westfield Shopping Town. Oh, heck, call it the mall. In "Mall shooting: New set, but same tired plot" he reminds us that there are indeed different ways to react to murder in our town. Readers are invited to visit his column at:

Hartley also opines about gambling, for as we all know (unless you've been asleep again) the issue of slots is BAAACK!!! Slots means different things to different folks and he is not afraid to raise some points that might not sit well with his editors who have steadfastly opposed slots (CP has previously thanked The Capital for its consistent stand, see: DEAR CAPITAL EDITORS; THANK YOU FOR REMAINING FIRM... ) Hartley's piece may be found at


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