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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Here is the latest survey of Anne Arundel County residents undertaken by the Center for the Study of Local Issues at AACC. http://www2.aacc.edu/csli/CSLI/surveys/2007/CSLI_Fall_2007_Press_Release.PDF
CSLI is headed up by political scientist (is that an oxymoron?) Dan Nataf, who is always a source of humorous and perspicacious commentary in person and at public events. The latest survey of over 900 residents show that there are a few more Republicans than Democrats (okay-we'll have to try harder!) but that "W" still receives an approval rating similar to the national average (read a failure) of about 34 percent (He has to try harder too). Folks are always concerned about growth, traffic, congestion and schools and of course, taxes.

The semi-annual CSLI surveys are a great way to put one's finger on the pulse of our fellow county residents--at least those that have pulses and receive the randomly generated phone call. Of course, the most important local survey remains the ones posted to the upper left of this blog each week!!!


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