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Friday, October 12, 2007


Just in from the City of Annapolis Police Dep't reports:

1. AUTO ACCIDENT, HIT AND RUN: On October 10th at 5:21 PM, officersresponded to the area of Jackson and Bay Ridge for a report of an autoaccident. No one was found on the scene, but there was a 2000 LincolnTaxi-Cab parked with obvious fresh damage on it. The officers beganchecking with citizens in the general vicinity. A group of people toldthem that they had seen a tan Subaru drive by with a man clinging to thehood of the car. One of the officers then spotted the Subaru with theman still on the hood as it turned from Van Buren onto Brashears Street.The officer stopped the car by activating the emergency lights of thepolice car. Once the car came to a stop, the man on the hood jumped off.He told the officers that he was the owner of the taxi-cab on JacksonStreet that had been struck. He said he saw the Subaru strike his car,then watched as the driver pulled away from the Lincoln, causing furtherdamage than the initial impact had inflicted. The driver of the Subaruthen began to leave. The Lincoln owner hollered at the driver to stop,but he continued to pull away, so he jumped on the hood to try to stophim. The driver of the Subaru was identified as Richard Emil Kozak,51,of Chesapeake Avenue. He told the officers that he felt threatened bythe other man and that was why he left the scene. When asked whatspecifically the other man said or did that Mr. Kozak found to bethreatening, all he could say was that he was telling him to stop.Independent witnesses were located, who said that Mr. Kozak appeared tobe leaving the scene of the accident even before the Lincoln ownerapproached him, and that they did not observe him to say or do anythingthat could be considered threatening other than to tell the man to stopfor purposes of reporting the accident. Mr. Kozak was arrested andcharged with Hit and Run and Negligent Driving. (07-005685)


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