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Friday, November 9, 2007


CP invites readers to check out the final report of the Ad Hoc Ferry Committee at:

It's full of a lot of interesting data, photographs and illustrations showing how a passenger ferry system might work around Annapolis and the Upper Bay. Readers are urged to look at how such a system might become fully integrated with an expanded and enhanced and INTERMODAL transportation network. We need all the improvements we can get. Below is a brief update from two of its principal researchers:

The Ad Hoc Ferry Committee Report
by Craig Purcell, Principal, Matrix Settles Architects
and Chuck Weikel, civic activist and member, Annapolis Transportation Board

Everyone knows that our transportation network is stressed. The Bay Bridge is overloaded at peak times, roads are at peak capacity and the environment becomes more and more degraded as a result. It is time to look at other transportation options. An Ad Hoc Committee of the City of Annapolis Transportation Board was formed early this year and examined ferry service on the Bay as one such option. The group included marine transportation and planning experts from around the region. Annapolis participants included Bruce Johnson, marine architect and ship design expert, Craig Purcell, Annapolis urbanist, and Chuck Weikel, member of the City's Transportation Board. The report looks at possible routes and landing points for a ferry network. The environmental impacts and smart growth implications were considered as well. The report is being presented to Governor O'Malley and MDOT Secretary Porcari as part of the effort of looking at future alternatives. It is also an example of the value that citizens can bring to governmental processes when they bring their individual expertise to the table


dryearwood said...

The report contains some interesting opinions. It seems that an economic analysis would be the first order of business and having some experience in this area I'd hazard an informed guess that any ferry system would be so expensive as to be uneconomic by any reasonable standard.

PAUL FOER said...

Thank you for your comments, although we really wish we knew who you are. Are you a Dr. Yearwood or a dry ear wood? In any event, yes-economic analysis is imperative and the report touches on that issue. But the question is also what are the economic issues associated with NOT doing a ferry. Public transit systems are not profit making enterprises, but that does not mean they do not provide utility or rent. I suggest you contact the report's authors and offer to provide some additional economic analysis. One of its major authors is an economist.

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