MAYOR MOYER'S FUNDRAISER TAKE TWO ~ Annapolis Capital Punishment

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


In a recent post, CP displayed an invitation letter to the Mayor's Holiday Part (read fundraiser) at which all the various Democratic pols are expected to attend, except for the Governor and his Lt. CP questioned why the Mayor, who is in her final term, is holding a fundraiser. Is the Mayor planning on higher office? Surely age is no necessary barrier, but CP remembers when the Mayor was still but an Alderman and she told him in no uncertain terms that at her age, she had no interest in further office. That was perhaps a decade ago. Of course, she then ran and won her current office after that conversation.
These are legitimate questions that Annapolitans deserve to have answered. In response to my email, CP received the following reply from Kathy Nieberding, a longtime associate and supporter of the Mayor who sent out the invitation:

Dear Paul,
I'm honored to be 'blogged' by you again. Our Annual Holiday Gala has been held at Homestead Gardens since the Mayor was first elected in 2001, and it's become quite a festive tradition. For an event of this nature, the $60 ticket price is quite reasonable.

You received a personal letter from me because you are in my professional database of contacts.

Thanks for the spell check. I knew I should have gone with "appetizers."

Kathy Nieberding

Kathleen M. Nieberding
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

As readers might have observed, not a single one of CP's questions was answered. Ahhh politics. CP has responded and asked for clarification. Hey--what would Ted Koppel do?


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