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Monday, February 18, 2008

Annapolis Green....every little bit helps...

Although CP takes a more active and hard-hitting approach to environmental issues, I am pleased to provide information about a new way to become more environmentally conscious and active--and you may even meet some new friends. Annapolis Green started with a couple of friends talking about how it's not easy to get the big picture of Green initiatives in the Annapolis area. Why not gather information from the community – from the work of non-profits and government agencies to green businesses – and put it all in one place for the benefit of all? That's the purpose of, but it's also serving as the "official" website of Green Drinks Annapolis.

People who share a passion for the environment (CP note: yeah I like to be able to breathe every few seconds and drink some water every day too...) and concern for our Chesapeake Bay get together roughly once every six weeks to network and discuss issues as diverse such as how to help improve the health of the Bay, the Buy Local movement, how to support local organic farmers by buying and eating locally grown food, and how to live an environmentally responsible life in general. The "meetings" are casual, fun, unstructured… just get together and chat... usually in a bar or restaurant… with drinks and great green ideas! Occasionally we'll have a short presentation on a specific topic. The dates and locations are not fixed. Green Drinks itself is international. It was started in a pub the U.K. – now doesn't that sound like it fits Annapolis? (The Green Drinks website is

And it's growing! There were some 80 people at the last Green Drinks in January at the Purple Tooth.

They welcome everyone's ideas on how to make this a real community effort, providing needed information to all. Lynne and Elvia ask that suggestions and comments be sent to Also, go to the website and sign up for the email notifications of Green Drinks Annapolis. (CP notes--this kind of reminds me of those plethora of books such as " x number of things you can do to save the planet" etc., etc. and though I sound cynical, it's worth a try...but where do those drinks come from? or the coffee? and how do these folks get to all these glorified cocktail parties?)


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