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Monday, February 25, 2008

HB 104 Will Stiffen Penalties for Drug Activity Near Schools

The following comes from Tim Kostenko, an activist on Clay Street and publisher of www.ILiveOnClayStreet.com

Ladies and Gentlemen of the struggle,

There is a bill that is going before the judiciary committee on March 4th that has an impact on both Clay Street and Eastport. It is House Bill 1054. The bill will stiffen penalties for drug activity within 1ooo feet of community centers, very similar to what is now in place around
schools. The bill has full support of delegates but it can't seem to get past Mr. Valerio who is the Judiciary Committee chair and who has not allowed this in the past because he said the judges were not using their full discretion already and that adding to the penalty wouldn't serve any

In my mind, any tool that we can provide the law enforcement with in these high crime areas is a good one, especially when the crimes are increasingly violent.

I have spoken with the sponsor, Delegate Ron George, who said the more activity that we
can create around the bill, the more pressure is put on Mr Valerio to allow it to go to the House floor for a vote. Here is a link to the bill:

Here's Ron's info:
Ron George's number: 410-841-3439 and his email is ron.george@house.state.md.us

Thank you...

Lets keep it moving.

Timm "Grins" Kostenko
443.857.8775 cell
410.295.5859 office


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