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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mayor to All Of Us: "Go To Time Out"

The most recent press release from our city's CEO and Board Chair:

In a recent conversation, Chris Nelson, President of St. Johns College, identified three concerns that we all face in today’s world:

1. A crisis of authority

2. Middle-class anxiety

3. The problem of speed and urgency that overwhelms our time for personal reflection

Let’s Talk about the latter point.

2008 is a Leap Year. We have been given the gift of an extra day…let’s not waste it!

I propose making February 29, 2008 a Time Out Day.

Why don’t we all let the rats run their race without us on that day?

Use this gift of time to relax, read, take a walk in our beautiful City and State, read a book (may I recommend "The Discovery of Slowness" by Sten Nadolny), call old friends or simply reflect on all of the good things that are happening in your life.

On Friday, February 29, take a Time Out from the stress and agitation of the modern world and live life at slower, more reflective pace.

Perhaps we’ll find something inside ourselves that we can give back to each other.

Ellen O. Moyer

Mayor, City of Annapolis

Dear Mayor:

Perhaps we should talk about the first point, what is called "A crisis of authority." But then again, perhaps not. As far as middle class anxiety, I'm beyond that, but perhaps lowering my property taxes could help. I don't understand how you can say that with a Leap Year we've been given an extra day. Where did it come from? Did it fall from the sky like rain? Ooops, sorry that came from Chairman Mao's Green Book. My mistake.

You suggest we read "The Discovery of Slowness" but I think we Annapolitans have discovered it already whenever we try to get around town on an afternoon or need to get our building permits approved. Might I suggest you read Machiavelli's The Prince? Then again, maybe not.

Well, thanks for the idea. I am all for slowing down, being less busy and less hectic in our daily lives, but might I suggest that rather than preaching to us, you just try to lead by example? Or do we need a book to learn how to do that? Does this "day off" mean that if I need City Services that day that I should just expect to solooooowwww dooowwwwwnnn and wait?


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