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Friday, February 29, 2008

Otra Ves, Sin Permiso! Driving Without a License

From our Police Reports:
UNLICENSED DRIVER: 2/24 5:41 AM West near S. Southwood - a
traffic stop was made due to a car being driven with a burned out
taillight. The driver was identified as Timoteo Hernandez Rodriguez, 34,
of Center St. A check revealed that he does not have a license. He was
arrested and charged with Driving Without a License. He was issued a
repair order for the Equipment Violation. (08-001093)

We need to come to terms with these increasingly common incidents of Hispanic
drivers without licenses!

1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

If you've already broken the law to get into the country, what makes you think such a person will care about being legally licensed to drive?

It's like the absurdity of making guns illegal. If you're willing to sell crack cocaine, do you really think you're going to worry about whether or not your firearm is legal.

The problem is with people, and the idea that our state government officials think it's ok to break some laws (immigration) but not others (drivers license). This contradiction betrays our legislator's true motivation, which is re-election. We need to do something about illegal immigration, rather than worry about giving criminals the privilege of driving.

Bob McWilliams

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