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Friday, March 21, 2008

Crime On Line...It's About Time

In a major step toward improving law enforcement, fighting crime, improving police and community relations, the Annapolis Crime Statistics are now available online. It seems to me that this has come about because of widespread and mounting pressure on our mayor and police department to make this information available to us. It's about time. CP urges citizens to study these data and stay informed and stay involved. Let's hope this is a step toward developing real community policing.

Here is where you can find the reports:

Citizens can now view a monthly accounting of Part One crimes via the internet. Previously this reporting was made available in the form of a paper copy upon request and distributed at the department's monthly Neighborhood Watch meetings. The Department follows crime reporting
protocol as established by the FBI under the Uniform Crime Reporting Standards. Part One Offenses include the following crimes:
Murder Rape Robbery - Armed Robbery - Unarmed Aggravated Assault
Larceny ( Theft) Burglary - Commercial Burglary - Residential Auto Theft

For Additional Information Contact:
Officer Hal Dalton (410) 268-9000 ext. 7305 ( 410) 919-7188
Lt. Brian Della (410) 268-9000 ext. 7250


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