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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Officer Hurt in Line of Duty. We Thank the Officer and Wish Him or Her Our Best

Early this morning, right in front of CP's home, two police cars, with lights flashing, stopped a loud truck and woke me up. I was curious and was able to hear why the truck was stopped. It was related to outsiders coming in to one of our public housing projects. The driver and occupant were questioned while outside the car. The story below from our police report, is probably unrelated, but it serves to shed some light on early morning activities in our neighborhoods.

March 27th, 2008

On March 27th at 2:45 AM, an officer on foot patrol saw a drug
transaction occur between a motorist and a pedestrian in the 1800 block
of Bowman Court. The officer approached the driver and tried to stop
him, but the suspect backed his truck up, striking the officer with the
mirror of the vehicle as he did so. The officer was struck on the arm
and chest area, and the mirror broke off of the truck. The officer ran
after the truck, and it stopped briefly. The suspect again began to
drive off, and the officer broke out the driver*s side mirror with his
flashlight. The officer reached in the truck and tried to put it into
park while telling the suspect that he was under arrest. The suspect
accelerated, knocking the officer backwards, and sped off. The suspect
then fled the scene. An officer in a marked police car was at Admiral
Drive and Bowman when the suspect left Bowman Drive. That officer tried
to block the suspect*s path, but the suspect left the roadway, driving
up over a curb and around the police car. Officers pursued as the
suspect went on West Street, to Old Solomon*s Island Road, then to
Forest Drive, and onto Southbound Route 2. Anne Arundel County and
State Police joined in the pursuit. State Troopers deployed * stop
sticks*, which are devices that flatten a car*s tires. The suspect
drove his truck over the device and his tires were deflated. The suspect
continued driving on the flattened tires for approximately one mile,
before coming to a stop in the 400 block of West Chesapeake Beach Road
in Friendship, Maryland. The driver was identified as Derek James Ward,
21, of Tracy*s Landing. He was arrested and charged with First Degree
Assault, numerous Traffic Offenses, and other related offenses. The
original officer suffered minor injuries. (08-001780)


Anonymous said...

I was driving to Annapolis to get window tinting done, made a wrong turn and ended up in the neighborhood. I thought to myself wow this is a shit hole just as I was thinking to myself a group of black kids run in front of my truck and screaming. Should have figured it was section 8 housing... poor kids having nothing to do but run in front of moving vehicles passing through there neighborhood. They sure got a laugh out of it. I didn't... because I didn't hit them.

Paul Foer said...

Anonymous: What is your point? Your last sentence is rather disturbing. Are you saying you would have laughed had you hit those children? And why do you need window tinting anyhow? Maybe you need a better map so you won't get lost?

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