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Monday, March 3, 2008

Tire Dump? Quit Rubbernecking and Clean It Up!

The Capital reports about a Davidsonville farm which is the site of an historic tire dumping ground--and one of almost Biblical proportions--with one estimate at more than 45,000 tires! Who is going to pay for their removal?

Somehow I don't see this as an insurmountable problem. All we need to do is to be creative. Let's see. How about having Boy Scouts do it for a merit badge? High School students for volunteer hours? The SeaBees from the Naval Station? Why not stop by one of those local employment line-ups we hear about in the news so often and pick up a van full of new immigrants willing to do hourly labor. Ask environmental organizations such as South River Federation and Chesapeake Bay Foundation to help organize a cleanup. Perhaps we could use prisoners like they do to pick up trash in the highway median? What about work release people or parolees? Students with disciplinary problems? I dunno.....but there must be a way if those in charge of such things can put their minds together.

We'll need trucks and that costs money, but don't tires get recycled? Even if they are 50 years old, can this still work? Can you imagine the excitement generated by seeing a line of 500 volunteers passing tires for four hours? Let's all turn out and make it happen. I'll show up! (Of course I have no idea where old tires go...do they just fade away? .......)

The article describes some of the complex bureaucratic and legal "reasons" why the State Department of the Environment can't use a fund specifically intended for this purpose but can't somebody do something????? Perhaps insurance and liability makes use of volunteers difficult, but hey--why not prisoners? Cleaning up a dump is a better way to repay one's debt to society than sitting in a jail cell. www.hometownannapolis.com/cgi-bin/read/2008/03_03-35/TOP


John said...

They can be shredded and used as "bedding" for playgrounds for Rec and Parks and schools.

Paul Foer said...

Some can...some can't....and this may not necessarily be a good idea either...do you want your children playing around on old tires? And what about the runoff from them? They degrade and who knows what happens to all the tiny particles....

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