OMG--A Republican (who was a Democrat until very recently) Has Been "Disappointed!" ~ Annapolis Capital Punishment

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

OMG--A Republican (who was a Democrat until very recently) Has Been "Disappointed!"

In response to my April 7th piece where I copied and then responded to an egregiously weird e-mail solicitation/scam, I made a comment that might have offended some persons of the Republican Party.

Scott Bowling said...


I am very disappointed in your response, while intended to be humerous, I take exception to your comment that "Maybe they'll be Republicans"

As a self proclaimed professional journalist, I would expect more of you than to make such broad and sweeping statements of hatred and bitterness toward a group of people who happen to share a different political opinion than yours.

______________________________and my reply........................


I would expect more of me too! I sure let them Republicans off easy that time.

I don't sit down to write worrying that somebody might take offense--and I take a certain amount of risk by going after elected officials (of both parties) as well as criticizing the police chief, calling for a complete transformation of public housing, amplifying news about criminals, Judge Askew Gatewood (he's a Democrat-yes?) and others. So somehow I have offended your sensibilities?

I don't pick on any particular group, but I go after the arrogant, the haughty, the selfish, the duplicitous and the mean-spirited, which just about covers most politicians. But as an equal opportunity exploiter, I go after Democrats as well. I guess you missed the piece I just posted where I talked about the "General Robbery, er I mean Assembly" and as Republicans like to make clear, it is led and run by Democrats.

I'll prove it right now---"Hey all you Democrats, stop stealing my money for wasteful, social programs. Get tough on terrorists you weenies and quit giving the country away to illegal immigrants." And "Hey you Republicans, quit stealing from the poor to give to the rich and using the government to protect your big-money interests as you pollute and overrun the world."


By the way, I think you meant to write humorous, and not humerous. Were you referring perhaps to the bone of the upper arm?(Does this mean one of us committed a boner?)

I did not make any kind of broad or sweeping statement and if you failed to see it in its humorous context, that's too bad. What I said was not full of hatred or bitterness. How could you even suggest that?

Why don't you spend your indignant letter-writing period each day exposing and challenging the vast right-wing and Republican elements of the blogosphere who employ a constant stream of vitriol, smear and hate on a daily basis? Why did you say nothing about the nasty, mean-spirited and libelous, personal attacks made against me by certain "anonymous" readers of another blog? Why do you go after me for making one funny statement?

Sorry, but you are on some kind of hypocritical, holier-than-thou high horse that I find tiresome. And one last thing, your referring to me as a "self-proclaimed professional journalist" was clearly intended as a personal attack which makes your comment all the more ironic and irrelevant, and that's putting it mildly. (Your sentence structure was also improper as it made it seem as if you were trying to say that you are a self-proclaimed professional journalist)
Thanks for reading and thanks for writing, but next time, please try some intellectual honesty and as former NFL player John Riggins uttered to Justice O'Connor, "lighten up".


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