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Monday, April 28, 2008

Proving My Point...

On April 22, I posted the following:

Nasty, Mean, Hate-filled Bloggers

It's no secret that the blogosphere is open to anyone with access to a computer. That is its beauty and its downfall. Here in Maryland we see some of the worst examples of angry, hateful rhetoricians who spend their days and their energy attacking and condemning just about anyone who does not agree with their extremist views. I must admit that it appears to me that they tend to hold what I think most fair-minded people would call hyper-conservative viewpoints. Whether it is gun control, global warming, immigration, abortion or you-name-it, you'll find these angry, mean spirited people spouting off, ranting and raving, name calling and spewing vicious and venomous vitriol at anyone, but especially other bloggers, with whom they disagree.

I know. I get attacked by them all the time.

Not at all to my surprise, after I wrote this mild and indirect piece, these very same blogger shock troops quickly jumped into action, jack boots all polished and sabers sharpened. Hey--I expected it and am enjoying the notoriety and publicity they are bringing to Capital Punishment. It is a pity that they spend so much of their psychic energy attacking others. One of them even went so far as to find some video online of a young child yelling and screaming at his computer and he labeled it as "Paul Foer blogging." He must have failed to take his medication that day.

They sure give me a lot more power and influence and recognition than I probably deserve (watch--they'll use this against me now)and these bloggers cross-post and feed off each other's blog in a contagion of extremist and angry right-wing rants. But watch-they turn everything around and inside out, pointing fingers at others, claiming they do just what they are doing. It's beyond irony. It's called projection and displacement, but hey, I'm not a psychiatrist. I don't even play one on tv...or the internet.


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