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Sunday, May 18, 2008

100 is not enough

This morning the front page of the local paper covered a march against crime. There were more than 100. In a city of 45,000, the fact that less than half of one percent of the population has enough of an interest to participate is sad.

If we are going to get anywhere, we need more than 100 people. I credit Rev. Sheryl Menendez, an associate pastor of Light of the World Church for starting the initiative and I hope it continues. I have three kids and this is not the world in which I want them to grow up. Sadly, one comment in the article probably held more truth than any other:

People went back inside their houses or hung out on their front stoops, with some normal, and less than legal, routines sure to take place once outsiders cleared away and the sun set. The walls would still be standing for another day.

With crime being such a huge issue for the City, one wonders why only three officials partook in this march--Aldermen Arnett and Paone were there along with Eric Brown from the City Housing Authority. Where was our Mayor? Where was the Governor? Where was our new Police Chief?


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