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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

From Cape St Claire to Clay Street..."that's just weed...."

CP is once again urging readers to subscribe to the Annapolis Police Department's crime reports. Here is one that tells an interesting story about a person whose address is a pretty fancy waterfront area of Cape St. Claire. Apparently she came into Annapolis, Clay Street to be exact, and was messing around with dope and needles. CP has found from reading the reports that a lot--and I mean a lot of people are coming into Annapolis to mess around--and often to buy drugs. I have also found that so-called "routine" driving infractions often lead to uncovering much more serious crimes. Just a few weeks ago, police stopped and questioned drivers of a pickup truck in front of my house, inquiring about why they were riding around public housing at 3 in the morning. Read for yourself:

2. DRUG ARREST: On May 20th at 12:38 AM, a traffic stop was made due to
a car being driven on Clay Street without its headlights being
illuminated. The driver was identified as Ariel Carmen Silver, 41, of
Lake Claire Dr. She stepped out of her car and as she did so, a
hypodermic syringe fell out and onto the ground. The officer asked her
if she was a diabetic, referring to the needle. She said, *No, I shoot
dope.* She was arrested. During a search of her purse, a crumbled up
piece of aluminum foil was found, which appeared do have something
inside. Upon realizing that the officer noticed this, she said *
that*s just weed*. The foil was found to contain a small amount
of marijuana. Further searching led to the recovery of a piece of crack
cocaine from the car. Ms. Silver was arrested and charged with
Possession of Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia. Her 2000 Dodge Intrepid was
seized for forfeiture. (08-002976)


ellis said...

I see this EVERY DAY. I live on Clay St. It's not unusual activity and I find it deplorable.

All the APD has to do is sit in a car on any corner of Clay St and within minutes, they would see these types of transactions going down. And... I KNOW they know this. There is a routine to the streets of Clay. They know shift changes and windows of opportunity and they work around it.

Sometimes I feel like the APD just turns a blind eye to it and is thankful that the drug problems of Annapolis are in small isolated areas (public housing) rather than all over the city.

And again, I want to say that there are a LOT of wonderful people that live down here who have to put up with this stuff. Oh and by the way... they're TAX PAYERS AND HOME OWNERS.

Paul Foer said...

Ellis: Thanks! I live near public housing and see all kinds of deplorable and depressing activity every day. Just a couple of weeks ago, youngsters from Annapolis Middle School, including my son, were treated to a bus-eye view of a shooting that just occurred--by a 15 year old. But--there is a new police chief in town...things may change!

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