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Monday, May 12, 2008

My Endorsement for Mayor...(pause as in "Borat"...)..NOT!

A lot of people come up to me (and unless they are writing me a ticket or asking for that money I owe them...) wanting to know who I am going to support for mayor. They ask me probing questions such as "Who are you going to support for mayor?" or "Who are you going to support for mayor?". Sometimes they ask me, "Who are you going to support for mayor?" And sometimes they ask me if I am going to run. Can you believe that? I guess they want an early start on selling their home, quitting their job and moving to Alaska.

So in case you are wondering, I will once again answer. Who cares? Wake me up in about a year. If we can make it through Bush until next January, then I might, I just might think about the next mayor, if of course we can make it through the final days of the current one's term as well.

Maybe, just maybe even I'll run for mayor. Hah! At least you could count on me being totally honest! I'd come right out and say I am not qualified. And how could I possibly pull anything over on the voters with the city's most powerful news media constantly looking over my shoulder? And no, I am not talking about that newspaper. The powerful publisher of that powerful blog ( I mean this blog) knows every little secret about me and has peered inside every closet I've ever been in. I am not even sure that this blog would support me if I ran for mayor. Maybe I could run against myself as it would make for one hell of a debate! (Well, they're you go again.....I know what you're thinking!)

At this point, I am not even sure I'd bother endorsing anyone. But I will accept paid political ads and I can assure you that if you run for mayor and advertise here, I'll still treat you fairly and honestly--at least until the check clears. What I really mean is at least until the paper bag of small, unmarked bills has been hustled away. Yes, you can count on me. And can I count on you? Can I count on your money? Can I count your money?

In all sincerity, ahem, if I ran for mayor, I'd run with the recognition that I am not qualified to be mayor and I'd give you my complete and absolute promise to create a city manager form of government as the first order of business--and then ask for the resignation of every exempt employee...except those that supported my campaign of course. And finally, and again in all honesty, can we puuuuhhhhhllllleeeeeeezzzzzeee just leave this whole issue alone for about a year? We have other stuff to do, such as run a city for example.


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