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Monday, May 5, 2008

Strategic Withdrawal...Easier to do from the Market House than it is from Baghdad

More baaad, baaad news from our Market House. It seems that a bunch of tenants quietly moved out in the wee hours of today. It was rather intelligent of them to first enjoy the brisk sales of a lovely spring weekend with the various Annapolis Alive and Maritime Festival activities. Oh well. They're gone. Another sad chapter in a seemingly endless, sad story is closed and we move on to the next chapter.

It's a good thing Mayor Moyer has been so excited about turning her enconomic development office into an economic development department while all this has been going on. Did this mean that her crony appointee Mike Miron now gets an even bigger salary? Of course he was just one player in this debacle and there is blame to go around to all sides. It's just so odd that in this administration, incompetence and negligence just seems to get ignored if not rewarded.

See, the city is trying to succeed (ostensibly) in the real estate management business, but it is failing and can hardly manage its own municipal affairs. So, it goes and uplifts a whole bureaucracy in order to help other business manage their affairs better.

Hey--here's a thought. What if a similar thing happens at our police department? I mean, considering the mess-up on Taylor Avenue with the contracting and renovations, what if one morning the whole police department just slipped out of town? Nawwww....(But it does beg an interesting question. Were the lights on and doors open with trucks coming and going early this morning and if so, did anybody see or hear what was going on?)

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John said...

This is a shame. The original Market House should have been strategically renovated and the old tenants retained. Instead of displacing businesses for a few months, we have a pariah on our hands. Maybe they can get rid of the rest and make a roller rink--the closest one is in Odenton!

Paul Foer said...

John: Regarding ice rinks, actually, thanks to the efforts of Councilman Josh Cohen, the rink at Quiet Waters will re-open this coming season. I don't think the city leaders could figure out the refrigeration system for an ice rink since they had so much trouble with the HVAC for the Market House.

John said...

I was talking about a roller rink---no refrigeration needed for the coolant challenged administration.

Paul Foer said...

Did you mean "coolant" or Kool Aid? See you thursday, ahh coffee, 8-9 am!???

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