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Monday, July 7, 2008

He's In Like Flyntz....

I know. I know. I have repeatedly and consistently said that I won't give a $@^#(*!! about the upcoming mayoral race until six months before the election, which would mean spring of 2009, but hey, a journalist has to be out front, so here goes. I'm not happy about having to write about this so soon, but a fellow by the name of Frank Flyntz has just set up a website announcing he wants to fill Ellen Moyer's shoes (and we're not talking ruby slippers here neither...)

Thanks to local Democratic activist and Annapolis Alive guru Chuck Weikel for bringing this to my attention(Chuck by the way, might also be a candidate....maybe? perhaps?).

I go to visit Flyntz's web-site and learn that he has been an Annapolis resident for 35 years, but CP, who has been a resident for over 25 years, has never heard of him. Okay, one can't know everyone, but it's safe to say I know most folks who have been active in local government and politics, and certainly someone poised to sit in the big chair would fit into that category. Flyntz is a naval reserve officer, a Vietnam era pilot and has worked in the field of maritime training. His online resume is vague but it appears that he held a high level civilian position with the US Coast Guard.

Where exactly does he live? I could not find him in the phonebook. Does he have family? He mentions that his children used to walk to Rookies Market (that will date you!)but what else do we really know about this man or his background or his family? His site says, "He has been an active community member including board member and President of the Annapolis Roads Community Association and President of the Ward One Residents Association." Okay, when was he with Ward One? That should be the kiss of death. What about Annapolis Roads? Do we need to annex that to make him a viable candidate?

Flyntz on this issues, as with his background, is....to put it mildly, vague. He writes, "The number one priority is to support our Police Department, ensure the safety of our citizens, and create opportunities for our young people to thrive and succeed." Okay, that's reasonable, expected, straightforward and altogether....rather lame.

Thin gruel indeed.

He says he wants to make our streets safer. Gee, I want them more dangerous so property values will fall. Okay, the only folks who will argue with that are the criminals I suppose. I guess they won't vote for Frank. He says we should "Improve the parking issues". I'll have to think about that one. Hmmm....hmm. Yeah I guess we should improve the issues too, but what about improving parking? As if he would be willing to propose bold and innovative solutions? Not likely.

He wants to "Take Back the Market House". Yikes! I thought that was the problem. Perhaps what we need to do is get rid of it. He wants to take it back? To where? To when? Can we please take back the White House first--it might be easier.

We cannot tell from his site if he is partisan or independent but his logo is worth noting. It makes me think of former (and future?) candidate Herb McMillan or of John McCain, also navy pilots. The jet with the red and white trails....what about the yellow, red and black colors of the Maryland flag? There is nothing particular or evocative of Annapolis or Maryland. Is this but a quibble--or is CP on to something?

Here is a scorecard from the web-site Ratemyprofessors.com (highly suspect and unscientific but hey-it's public record) www.ratemyprofessors.com/ShowRatings.jsp?tid=393241&page=2 shows the following descriptions from students such as "horrible...old, crusty guy and sucks."

This is from a stinging document about Mr. Flyntz taken from the site of the Gulf Coast Mariner's Association. Again, it is opinion and may not be worthwhile, but it too can be found online:
"Here, as I recall them, is a roll call of the individuals who
were placed in charge of the Merchant Vessel Personnel
Division (subsequently reorganized as the National Maritime
Center) since 1989. The majority of these individuals, with the
sole exception of Captain Boothe, had no real background in
the job they took over and performed with sad but predictable
•Captain Fred Grady (1989-92) … Retired.
•Captain John McGowan (1993-94) … Promoted in spite of
our protests.
•Mr. Frank Flyntz (1994) … Civilian. Transferred/ St.
Lawrence Seaway
...(my emphasis)
•Captain K.L. Ervin (1994-1995) … Retired.
•Mr. Norman Lemley (1995-1996) … Suddenly Retired.
•Captain M.M. Rosecrans (1997-1999) … Transferred.
•Captain Chip Boothe (as of July 1999)
We respectfully submit that Coast Guard military officers
have done such a pitifully poor job of managing merchant
marine personnel (including selecting individual civilian
successors) that they should be permanently removed from
control over merchant marine personnel. s/Richard A. Block,
NAME Newsletter Editor.
[NAME Comment: If any business entity in this country
handled its business affairs the way the Coast Guard handles
them they would have been out of business a long time ago.]"

Well, if the mariners who had to work with Mr. Flyntz said that about him, it's worth considering. On the other hand, it may just be sour grapes.

Find out for yourself at www.frankflyntz.com but I daresay, I've pretty much told you everything else. I would guess The Capital will be doing a piece on him too, but thanks to the wonders of electronic blogging, I think I've beaten them to it.....not that it matters since as we all know, the election is almost a year and a half away. Yawwwwnnnnn.....

In the meantime Mr. Frank Flyntz, if you'd like to make your phone number and address available to the public you wish to represent, that would be a step forward. I could not find it on the web-site or in the phonebook.


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