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Monday, August 25, 2008

Bay Bridge Toll Revenue Down.....

CP has opposed the concept of a third Bay Bridge crossing, most recently on a posting on Wednesday, August 13th following the tractor trailer crash and tie-up.

It was not long that some of the more active, or I should say hyperactive members of the Maryland blogosphere took keyboard in hand and personally attacked CP, condemning me with all kinds of insults and negative labels. It seems however that maybe, just maybe CP was on to something as the Maryland Transportation Authority announced that toll revenues are down three percent. Yup. Three percent. All over the country, high gas prices have fueled a slowdown in vehicle miles traveled. CP believes this is just another sign of the startup in the long decline of personal automotive travel. This is why we must look at all of our transportation options and begin planning a future based not solely on more and more roads, but on more and more options and management solutions.

Okay, hyperconservative bloggers (and that's labeling you mildly), bring it on. Your antics, insults and hyperbolic harangues propelled little old CP to number 11 last week on BlogNetNews Maryland's influence list. But the national and local number of vehicle miles traveled don't lie. And it's just the start.
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