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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Commuter Bus To Baltimore....the ball is rolling, but not the buses...yet

Regular readers know that I am passionate about improving our regional transportation and having options to single occupancy automobiles for all of us. As part of this, I have been working with the Maryland Transit Administration and our elected leaders to reinstate commuter bus service to Baltimore that was axed by the previous administration. County Councilman Josh Cohen has said he has written to the Governor and now CP has been informed that the entire District 30 Delegation has written to Maryland Transportation Secretary John Porcari asking for his support. CP would like to thank Cohen as well as House Speaker Busch, Senator Astle and Delegates Clagett and George. Now we need your help!

The bureaucratic ball is rolling....maybe one day the buses will roll as well. We have three commuter routes to Washington and none to Baltimore. If you believe that the state capital also deserves commuter bus service with the state's largest city, please write to your state elected officials and even city officials, and ask for their support. And by the way, did you realize how much more ironic this situation is considering that our Maryland Transit Administration is a STATE agency? It's already totally within its jurisdiction to run such a bus. As far as CP knows, Maryland is the ONLY state that operates a regional transit system. While Delaware, Rhode Island and New Jersey (second largest system in US)have statewide systems that build, support and maintain statewide service, Maryland is the only state with a state agency that operates only a regional system--and we can see how well that works considering there is no service between the capital--and the largest city, but 25 miles away.

Maybe, just maybe our own Annapolis City Council members will weigh in. So far, only Alderman Shropshire has replied to CP and he, along with Alderman Stankivic have worked to create light rail. However well intentioned that may be, CP remains adamant that we start NOW with bus service and then we can concentrate on rail. We can only hope.

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Elana Fertig said...

Thank you so much for posting this information about the commuter bus! As a regular commuter to Baltimore, I know I would greatly appreciate having such a service available! I hope with action like yours we will be able to make a difference in getting such a service started.

Paul Foer said...

Thanks for the note. A couple items for you to consider. One-contact your elected officials to voice your support. Two-contact me directly to hook you up with some commuters in need of ride-sharing.

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