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Friday, August 15, 2008

Crime Stats Are Down....but don't read too much into it...yet

By now you have read the latest from our city government that crime is down. Well, it is good news, but we must be very careful not to make too much of it. First of all, it rose so much in the preceding period, that a small drop now is just what might be called a "correction" in a market. Plus some crimes are up and some are down. This does not mean it is a significant trend. What is important is that the arrival of a new chief who is intent on change and improvement is being perceived by citizens--and by criminals--as making a difference. We became used to the newspapers reporting ho the chief and mayor argued with each other and then with the director of public housing, who argued with city council members who argued with citizens. Now it seems as if we are on a path toward unity and improved relations all around. Amen!

We continue to wish Chief Pristoop the best and urge citizens to remain, active, informed, involved and vigilant.

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