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Monday, August 18, 2008

From CraigsList With Love...Please Help My Daughter

A couple of weeks ago, we commented on a local Police Beat piece about a local person who was scammed with a fake check after advertising her/his services on the popular Craig's List site. Coincidentally, about the same time, CP posted on the same site for services, including one for tutoring. Lo and behold--look what came to my mailbox today:

How are you doing? Hope things are good with you? My name is Michael Jefferson. I saw your advert concerning the coaching/lesson you listed to lecture anyone who is ready or who is lacking the knowledge . I have a daughter whose name is Tonia Jefferson, she is the only daughter that I have. I want the best for her in terms of education. She finished her first school in united states, but she grew up with her step mum in spain because her mum died in a car accident on her way to california for a conference thats why I married another wife so she wont grow up knowing anyone as her mother and I love her so much. Presently I'm still in WEST AFRICA with her and her step mum. Im so sorry for saying all this, but im just saying it because I want the best for her , I will want you to me answer these important questions below so I can know the next step for you to start the lecturing...

1. How many months do you intend lecturing her ?
2. Please do you have a degree because i will need someone that is qualified?
3. How much do you charge per hour for lectures ?
4. How much is the charge/fee per month ?
5. I will need a closer Motel/Hotel close to your location, or any in the city ?
6. Do you prefare home lecture or she will come to you ?
7. Are you a male or female ?
8. Most especially, is the space for lecture still available ?
9. Whats the closest airport she can have her flight scheduled to from here?

I want you to answer these questions as soon as possible; I will wait for your response. Thanks for your anticipated cooperation. Michael Jefferson

Dear Michael: Keep anticipating. Here are my answers to your questions:

1. It depends on a few things, such as how much I can rent her out for each day or until my wife discovers I am keeping a girl in my basement.
2. Please do I have a degree? Sure, as many as you want, from the college of your choice.
3. If you have to ask, you cannot afford me.
4. Again, see answer 1.
5. Oh we'll find her a place up near the airport.
6. Again, see answer 1.
7. It depends. Which one is your daughter?
8. Most definitely, as soon as we get it fumigated...or not.
9. Oh, I think that Lee Airport in Edgewater has flights from West Africa once a day.

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