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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New City Attorney....coming soon to a city near you

CP congratulates City Attorney Shaem Spencer, who has just been appointed to the District Court by Governor O'Malley. CP has always been impressed with Mr. Spencer's sincerity and straightforward demeanor and his ability to somehow navigate his way through difficult waters, often muddied by an irritable boss and the vagaries of public opinion. He was called in to put out fires not of his own making, and CP wonders if maybe his advice had been taken in the first place, if some of those fires had never started burning. Once can only speculate. I'm not a lawyer (don't play one on tv)and with so many legal issues shrouded in political intrigue as well as necessary secrecy, who can know for sure? CP wishes Mr. Spencer well and please don't forget that if I'm ever before you for BWI (blogging while irritated) to be lenient on me.

RUMOR ALERT: Now-to the matter at hand. With about a year left in her failed administration (that long?), Mayor Moyer may be hard pressed to find a lawyer willing to step in. However, CP has heard rumors (alert! alert! rumor alert!) that DNEP Director Mike Malinoff may be in line. Another possible appointee may be Eastport resident Steve Kling. Oh, that will be fun indeed if he gets the position. CP can't wait for that one Mr. Kling. You may be just the perfect guy for the job.

Kling was listed as a patron for Mayor Moyer's holiday gala, which means he put in $500 (along with the police officer's union). Oh, he must have had to shuffle papers for an hour or so to come up with that pocket change--and it may be paying off.

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Anonymous said...

interesting rumor given that neither one is currently allowed to practice law in MD

see for yourself

love the blog, keep up the good work!

Paul Foer said...

Dear Anonymous: Thanks for the note--but who are you?
I checked it out and for example, former city attorney and now Judge Paul Goetzke is not listed. Neither is States Attorney Frank Weathersbee. Neither is Laura Kasper, a deputy state's attorney, nor is local lawyer Robert Biddle for example.
As for Stephen Kling--he is listed on the county bar association's web-site and I know from personal experience that he practices law....and I do mean practice. I cannot confirm whether or not Mr Malinoff is an attorney. I did say rumor alert!

Anonymous said...

Who am I? Just a local Annapolitan that values his privacy.

By the way, I don’t have an ax to grind and really do like your blog,

Judges don’t pay assessments so they aren’t on the Attorney Listing see below.

That’s interesting about Weathersbee and the ASA. I spent some time as an AAG and think I was required to pay in, which I did (I don’t recall). Just looked up Doug Gansler and he’s in there.

I. Assessments.
1. Subject to paragraphs (2) and (4) of this regulation, an individual shall pay the Fund assessment, as required in this regulation, if the individual;
(i) is admitted to practice before the Court of Appeals or is issued a certificate of special authorization under Rule 15 of the Rules Governing Admission to the Bar of Maryland, or
(ii) holds himself or herself out as being admitted to practice in Maryland by any means, including:
A. being listed as authorized to practice law in Maryland in a directory such as the MSBA's Maryland Lawyer's Manual, Martindale-Hubbell, a telephone directory, or an internet listing;
B. being listed on the letterhead of a firm engaged in the practice of law in Maryland, whether as a “partner emeritus”, “of counsel”, or otherwise;
C. having a law practice that is located outside of Maryland but is based on admission to practice law in Maryland or uses a Maryland address; or
D. holding employment conditioned on being admitted to practice law in Maryland
2. An individual is exempt from the requirement to pay the Fund assessment if the individual:
(i) files with the Fund an affidavit that the individual:
A. practices law only in performing judicial or quasi-judicial functions, as a federal judge, magistrate, judge of a Maryland appellate, circuit, district, or orphan's court, court commissioner, master, judicial law clerk, clerk of court, administrative law judge or otherwise; or
B. is on family leave; and during the period covered by the affidavit, does not engage in the practice of law or hold himself or herself out as engaging in the practice of law.

Paul Foer said...

Okay--this is great and again, thanks for reading and writing. I tend not to appreciate anonymous comments, but when they are respectful and not libelous, offensive, or inane, I always publish them. While I respect your right to privacy, I do think that free speech is always deserving of association or identify, except in cases where it will compromise security or perhaps a matter of extreme sensitivity. Please feel free to send me a personal email as and I will maintain your anonymity.

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor that local activist Chris LaDue has been asked and is thinking about it. I heard it from two people, one of whom asked Chris who said he couldn't talk about it. Interesting especially since he is a republican.

Paul Foer said...

Thank, but I believe it is Ledoux. Anyhow, I started something and it's time to stop. Enough rumors! But, it is kind of like the game "telephone" or "operator" we played as children.

I just can't imagine someone with a successful law practice taking an exempt job (and pay-cut probably)with but a year's security...and with such a boss to match!

Anonymous said...

The fact that he's practicing doesn't mean he is in compliance with the rules. He must pay the CSTF assessment to legally practice in MD. If he's doing that without having paid the assessment - and I also know that he's practicing - then he is breaking the law.

Paul Foer said...

Help me out. Tell me more. What is CSTF?

Anonymous said...

I called the client protection fund, and they state that he was decertified in 2006 for failure to file his report on pro bono activities, which all attorneys are required to file.

Paul Foer said...

Okay. Please keep providing information--and again, though you value your privacy, and I will respect that, it would be a lot more helpful if I could gather some more information. CP

Anonymous said...

by the way, don't be surprised if kling is next suspended or disbarred for practicing the last 2 years when he wasn't supposed to

Paul Foer said...

Thanks...who knows...but why not post this on the most recent post instead of one months old???

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