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Friday, August 22, 2008

New York Times Extolls Annapolis--Expect More Tourists

At least this article suggests that visitors park at the stadium and take the free shuttles into town. Amen to that, however, it also encourages those !#@#!@$% Segways! What's wrong with walking--especially when it says most people don't venture beyond the shops near Ego Alley? The NYT writes, "Segway riders roll en masse for tours."

En masse? En masse? Yes, that is en masse. Gads, CP hopes not. Perish the thought. Sharpen up your slingshots.

NYT mentions two cutesy shops to visit, although CP has never heard of them, adding yet more fuel to the fire that says downtown has little to offer residents anymore, and then those ironic New Yorkers spend a few paragraphs about the Naval Academy, stating that Jimmy Carter was a member of the class of 1946. Hey NYT--WRONG!!!! He was a member of the Class of 1947, but graduated in 1946 due to wartime acceleration.

NYT says that St. John’s College "plays Athens to the Naval Academy’s Sparta." That's a pretty cool description, and then it of course mentions the croquet tradition between our two local institutions. NYT tells that Lafayette visited here in 1824 yet somehow missed how he camped here during the Revolutionary War (There is a sign about it in Eastport).

However, one glaring omission, or set of omissions, is that the article says nothing about our conference and visitors bureau or any of the handful of visitors centers in town, except the one at the Naval Academy. Not a word about the center on West Street or the newer Historic Annapolis Foundation's History Quest downtown or the seasonal kiosk by the Harbormaster's Office or the one in the State House. How could this happen? I can only wonder what the dedicated folks at the Annapolis and Anne Arundel CVB are going to say about that.

Back in 2002, NYT also visited our little town by the Bay, but that piece also required a correction which read: "An article in the Escapes section on Friday about spending 36 hours in Annapolis misstated the name of the bridge that links downtown Annapolis with Eastport. The bridge is the Spa Creek Bridge, not the Compromise Street Bridge, although it is known locally as the Eastport Bridge."

Is it? Or is it The Spa Creek Bridge? Or is it the Eastport Spa Creek Bridge? Or the Spa Creek Eastport Bridge? I could just imagine a reporter going to New York and writing about the Versacci Narrows Bridge or the Frog's Neck Bridge.

We can only hope that the tourists who visit will park at the stadium, take a free shuttle into town, spend lots of money and then leave....and NOT go rolling around on a Segway!

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Anonymous said...

Chill..we can use the money!

Paul Foer said...

Uh, did you read the last paragraph?

Anonymous said...

Ya I did but who made you the director of visitor spending? Tourists are only good if you say so and if they only spend money the way you want then to spend it?

Are tourists going to be allowed to play slots under your regime?

Paul Foer said...

Dear Anonymous:

Is there some reason why you are afraid to identify yourself? DO you have something useful to share with the readers? Nobody made me director of visitor spending, whatever that may be, and I don't have any kind of regime. You must have me mistaken for somebody else, but at least you know who I am and for what I stand. This city has thrived since colonial times on having visitors come briefly and then leave and the same system is in place. Read Parker Potter's "Doing Archeology in Annapolis" and after you've reflected on his theories, send us a comment-with your name and we are likely to publish it. All we know about you now is that you are an anonymous whiner.

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