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Friday, August 22, 2008

The Time To Stop Slots Is Now!

From Scott Arceneaux of Marylanders United to Stop Slots

"In our efforts to defeat big gambling interests on the slot machine referendum this November (Question 2 on your ballot), we believe it is essential to get our message out to the voters. With only two months to go before voters go to the polls, the time is now to educate Marylanders on the adverse impact slot casinos will bring to our communities. Let us spread the word that it is unacceptable to prey upon our own citizens; bringing a highly addictive form of gambling that will increase crime, corruption, divorce and suicide! That we will not stand as Annapolis gives away hundreds of millions of dollars straight from our pockets to out of state gambling executives!
Over the next 10 days, Aaron Meisner, the Chairman of Stop Slots Maryland will be leading a booth at the Maryland State Fair in Timonium, MD. We are asking for volunteers at the state fair to help get the word out on the damaging effects of slot machines. If you are interested, please call Aaron Meisner at (410) 963-7718. Your participation will be greatly appreciated."

Scott Arceneaux Marylanders United to Stop Slots

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Anonymous said...

Slots are coming. Our budget cannot sustain under the current governor. They are in designated areas and are regulated. We have gambling in WV, DE, NJ, PA all taking revenue from us.

It is time we try to capture some of it. Yes it will be a bummer for some, but if MD wants to be the doogooder judge jury and executioner, why not address the other sins like alcohol, tobacco, prostitution, etc.

NIMBYS are a pain in the ass

Paul Foer said...

Dear Anonymous:

If you have something worthwhile to say, why not tell our readers who you are? Is it because you don't really believe in what you are saying? If you want to carry on a dialog here, why not say something new, or different, or useful and perhaps you can refrain from statements such as
"NIMBYS are a pain in the ass". Besides that, don't blame budget woes on our current governor--he is only one part of that problem, but if you give our pols a license to print money, which is what slots effectively do, don't expect the revenue to slash the deficit.

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