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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another McJuicey Find About McAnnapolis In McBlogland

A couple of weeks ago, CP enjoyed slinging barbs at one self proclaimed "preppy" who extolled the virtues of preppydom in Annapolis. I just came across "storeadore" which is another blog-worshipper of conspicuous consumption with an overarching fascination with apparel. On the one hand it's good to promote and patronize Annapolis--hey we all need the business. Yet somehow, there is something disturbing about shopaholics in general and especially those who view our city as simply a shopping experience in a historic, waterfront setting. Preppy-publisher and clothes horse McLean Robbins (yes that is her the toothpaste from my childhood) writes "In the past two years, this sleepy waterfront town has transformed from a tourist destination to a shopping mecca rivaling the boutiques of nearby Georgetown and Bethesda."
The past two years? Under what rock has she (I assume McLean is a she) been hiding? Did anybody else notice this transformation? We are no longer a tourist destination but a shopping mecca? Tell that to downtown merchants. Hey--we now rival Georgetown and Bethesda! I guess McLean missed the Market House.
I do like the fact that McLean promotes the walkable atmosphere of our town--thank you! However, she describes Maryland Avenue as a "small side street" which has "St. John’s College on one end and the gates of the Naval Academy on the other." Uhhh...I think McLean mistook that large domed building on the hill known as the State House for McDowell Hall. Yikes! Honey--how will you ever find your way around the mall?
Okay, 'nuff said. See for yourself and be sure to vote in McLean's fall wardrobe poll at storeadoretheshoppingwhoreinNaptown

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