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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Battling Republicans!...and Change in the White House

Yup--I heard the new McCain ad with the deep voice saying, "He battled Republicans and reformed Washington. She battled Republicans and reformed Alaska." why are they Republicans? Maybe they should switch parties. That would be a change. And if I were a Republican, why would I support them if they are proud of battling my own kind? Could it be they are merely trying to lure Democrats to their side? (duhhh) And if they have to battle Republicans--and they say that is good, is this not all the more reason to have Democrats? Sounds like more lipstick on a pig stuff to me.

As for this bridge to nowhere, it seems to me that McCain and Palin are a bridge to nowhere...except more war, more pandering, more empty jingoism. And as for them adopting this message of "change" (which is as phony as the Alaskan night is long) the only thing that's going to be changed in the White House if they are elected will be diapers--for children and at least one adult.

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a noni mouse said...


Anonymous said...

I love that Palin hit a nerve with radical liberals.

Paul Foer said...

Dear Anonymous Ms. Palin is a radical conservative if I ever saw one--and a corrupt, hypocritical, pork barreling one for that matter. She has an extremely limited and constrained world view as well--read Garrison Keilor in today's Sun. By the way, if your opinion is so important--why not identify yourself?

Paul Foer said...

Dear noni mouse (cute, but where did you come up with that?)

Ray Me Fah So La Te Doh!!

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