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Monday, September 29, 2008

The Far Right's Take on Politics...OnVideo

If you want to see videos about what far right leaders have to say, check this out:

Or try this one out--As if Alan Keyes was not enough, now it's Maryland's own Michael Steele, the token darling of the Republican Party saying quit hassling Sarah Palin! Eegads! Was he able to count all the 31 other Black delegates to the GOP Convention before him? I mean, if they question HER qualifications, they might question those of the one-time LT Governor as well.

Steele attacks news anchor Charles Gibson for his interview of Sarah Palin calling his "grilling" of her unspeakable....but he spoke about it, Yeah Mike. I guess we should treat a VP candidate with kid gloves. Hey--you can't have it both ways Mike! If she and her supporters make a big deal about her being "one of us", I guess it means that she should be as ignorant of just about EVERYTHING as the rest of us are.

Steele was speaking in front of the Family Research Council's Legislative Action group (see above post).

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Tax said...

I love that Palin hits a nerve with liberals. I also love that you have 1 registered follower.

Paul Foer said...

Dear Tacky Not as big a nerve as I have hit with you apparently. And I'm loving it, thank you.

You won't accept my offer to identify yourself and write real commentary,and you attack me personally from the weak shelter of anonymity. I continue to post your offensive mutterings. You somehow think that calling someone a "liberal" is an insult. Well, in my case, it is not an insult, just incorrect--which you would know if you read any of my more than 700 posts on this blog, which by the way already broke its monthly record in terms of site views and page views a couple days before the month ended. So while you repeatedly poke fun at some sort of supposed lack of popularity on this site, you continue to read it and get angered by it and respond to it, albeit anonymously, on almost a daily basis. Once again, not a bit ironic-is it?
Show thyself, you cockroach of a man! I beseech thee in the name of decency and honor! IN the name of the king. (Actually I don't care who you are, but I so enjoyed the Renaissance Festival that I am speaking in some sort of cockneyed Elizabethan accent.)

Regular Schmoe said...

Palin does not hit a nerve just with liberals, she is an embarrassment to all thinking people. Just because most thinking people happen to be liberals, you don't really have a basis for your incorrect opinion.

It is a shame that party politics have blinded you from drawing the only conclusion that can be drawn. Sarah Palin can not hang with the big boys

She belongs in her small world of wolf sniping, salmon fishing, and Polar Bears. Afterall, she is just plain common-folk like us, right ?

Paul Foer said...

Yes! Thank you. Take that you tacky "Tax" man.

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