From Today's Police Beat Report ~ Annapolis Capital Punishment

Friday, September 12, 2008

From Today's Police Beat Report

Another example of why we all must constantly be aware of the number one public safety threat--not drug dealers...not terrorists...not gun-toting gangsters..although they are a threat....but the movement of motor vehicles....and where those concomitant threats merge....

9. DRUG ARREST: 9/10 7:15 PM Newtowne Drive near Julianna Circle – an officer operating a tag reader detected a 1998 Lincoln SUV with suspended tags due to Failure To Comply With Emissions. It was stopped and the driver was identified as Kori Lamar Williams, 28, of Glen Burnie. A small amount of marijuana was found in the car. Mr. Williams was arrested and charged with Drug Possession, Driving On A Suspended License, and his vehicle was seized for forfeiture. (08-005768)

....which is why "minor" or "routine" traffic violations often lead to the discovery of bigger crimes.....

And this....

10. EMERGENCY EVALUATION: 9/10 10:53 pm President & Hanson Streets – a motorist was stopped in the traveling portion of the road. Officers found the driver to be in an dazed, unresponsive state. There was an odor of PCP detected. The driver, a 34 year old Glen Burnie resident, was taken to the hospital for an Emergency Psychiatric Evaluation. (08-005770)

That was PCP, not CP......However, CP's wife and son were recently stopped in the family car at a stop-sign near our home in Eastport when a driver slammed into the back of our car--and then continued to drive into a nearby house. It could have been much worse but our car was wrecked and it cost us thousands of dollars we'll never see again...and caused grief and hassle...and we have to go to court...where you and I pay the prosecutor and the defender as well...and for his prison if that is where he goes...he has been charged with reckless driving and driving while impaired--allegedly PCP...the second time CP's car has been totally Eastport...while sitting...more to come on this story

DRUGS....DESPAIR....POVERTY....LACK OF EDUCATION...PUBLIC HOUSING.....GUNS....MOTOR VEHICLES.........good thing we can all band together and invade Iraq...where McCain says we are winning!!!...oh--I forgot to mention unwed, teenage pregnancy--maybe Sarah Palin can help us out on that one by applying her small town values...

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