If Gustav Were George ~ Annapolis Capital Punishment

Monday, September 1, 2008

If Gustav Were George

Now wouldn't that be something? It would be the second time George helped to destroy New Orleans. But what if Hanna were Hillary? (I guess she'd have to head for New York...)

Wait and see as our media cover this big blow and they compare and recast scenes from Katrina, the hyperconservatives will claim "liberal media bias."

See what Michael Moore has to say about it below. You'll probably be as disgusted as I am. I mean, I think it's some kind of weird cosmic convergence, a bizarre coincidence but Moore's take on it, like his take on everything else is just....well, out there.Of course he's being sardonic, but c'mon! He's hard to take and in most cases with him, we want to blame the messenger, even when he has real and valuable things to say. I mean, get a shave Michael and take off the hat. Lose some weight. In fact, lose a lot of weight. There is a spoof documentary coming out about him next month. That ought to be fun.

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