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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Irate Reader Says CP is Like Bill Maher

CP received a comment from a reader who wrote:

You are starting to sound like Bill Maher- who is less interested in providing rational analysis, and more into ridicule and smug "humor". He assumes his audience is bright and witty, and anyone who opposes him to be a dolt.

So do you.

You will never be taken seriously until you learn how to present issues in a logical, nonpartisan way. Or, if you want to be partisan, at least do so from an issues stand point, and leave the amateur personal attacks for hacks.

please take me off your list

Wow! I think it's pretty neat for little old me to be compared to national commentator and humorist Bill Maher. What's next--Mark Twain? However I do take a couple of exceptions to the letter. Why does the writer (who will remain anonymous because I don't think he deserves further embarrassment) think it is a bad thing to assume my audience is "bright and witty"? Would he prefer I assume my readers are dull and dim-witted? He says that I believe that anyone who opposes me is a dolt. That is absolutely a false and nasty accusation to make--although sometimes the comments I receive confirms that there are dolts out there.

So I went to Bill Maher's latest posting and he just cracked me up--poking fun at Republican "plutocrats" who are trying to get Americans to think of Obama as an elitist. What an appropriate post considering the accusations in the reader's comments. View it here:
Obama Elitist?

A longtime resident and business owner sent me this note:

I do enjoy your efforts, agree with most of your opinions, and appreciate the effort you put into all of them.

And Eastporter Stanford Erickson wrote this (slightly excerpted..)
The writer has a point...not 100 percent but 25%...You should consider what the writer says. Reducing your smugness, which turns off people, will make your site even more enjoyable. We can learn from everyone.I love what you wrote back to him. You are such a great talent and so entertaining.I am just suggesting that you can learn from everyone. Naturally any good editor is going to irritate 10 to 20% every time they write. The key is that it is a different group each time.

As I always have said about journalism--if some love you what you write and some hate what you write, you must be doing something right...write...right?

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