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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It Looks As If Porch Columns Should Be.....Wood!

Our recently-ended poll concerns the creeping plasticity of our downtown historic district. Should columns be allowed to be built of plastic? Despite a large and sustained spike in site visits in the last week, we only managed to attract a few dozen votes, which is nowhere near our normal numbers. Maybe most folks just don't care too much about this issue, but of those that do, they are overwhelmingly in favor of keeping the historic building material of wood and not permitting plastic. See the results to the upper right. Thanks to all those who voted! As for those who voted "Huh? Duh? Wuh? All I can say is "huh? duh? wuh?"

If we exclude that "trick" question, we see that 18 out of 35 or about half, say plastic should "never" be allowed while 11 or about one-third say "perhaps" and only six or about 17% percent say "yes".

Remember--these polls are not performed in a scientific manner and should not be considered as being indicative of the views of the overall populace...but they can be fun!

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Craig Purcell said...

It is very simple -- wood wins! -- no matter what imbroglios & intrigues seem to swirl downtown.


SYLLABICATION: im·bro·glio
NOUN: Inflected forms: pl. im·bro·glios
1a. A difficult or intricate situation; an entanglement. b. A confused or complicated disagreement. 2. A confused heap; a tangle.
ETYMOLOGY: Italian, from Old Italian, from imbrogliare, to tangle, confuse : in-, in (from Latin; see in–2) + brogliare, to mix, stir (probably from Old French brooiller, brouiller; see broil2).

Paul Foer said...

Craig--remember that this is not a scientific random sample etc., etc.... and yes--imbroglio is a good word--especially for historic downtown politics....yeah, I like that IMBROGLIO..IMBROGLIO...

Craig Purcell said...


Please re-open your poll. It is only now that people are beginning to understand the depth and extent of the damage that has been done to the Annapolis historic fabric.

Please also attach the .pdf sampling of last years crop of violations on your web site.

Someone has been derelict in their duty. Cultural crimes have been committed. Why have violators gotten off scot-free ? Why have no municipal infractions with resultant fines been issued ?

see below from the City Code:

21.56.120 Historic preservation violations.

A. Any person(s) who willfully performs or allows to be performed any work without first obtaining a certificate of approval, fails to comply with any final notice issued pursuant to this article, or disregards a decision of the Commission will be in violation of the provisions of this article. A violation of the article shall be deemed a municipal infraction as stated in the City Code. Each and every day that the violation continues shall be deemed a separate offense. Violators may be assessed a fine as established by the City Council for each day that the violation continues.

B. In addition to other remedies and penalties, where there is a violation of this article, the Planning and Zoning Director, through the City Attorney, shall institute appropriate action to prevent, enjoin, abate or remove the violation. (Ord. O-1-04 Revised (part), 2005)

What has the HPC done in the past year on this ? How have they ruled on plastic? What has become of plastic column affair ? What will happen to all of these fake windows, doors, columns, etc...? Will they just hang around and become part of Historic Annapolis.

The people want to know.

Paul Foer said...

Craig I have twice written about this controversy and ran a poll. Apparently you seem to be having difficulty in attracting attention to what you believe is some sort of horrible set of violations, yet where are the other residents, preservationists, elected officials etc. who might also be taking up this cause? It's not a top editorial concern for me and I think I've done enough to bring attention to this issue.

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