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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

John McCain...temperamental, irrascible, hotheaded, petty.....but Palin???

The questions about McCain's character continue to cause me more than a few palpitations. See some of these links for news articles about the legendary Navy pilot and ex-POW.

A few incidents where he displayed his bad temper: temper

A few incidents where he displayed his bad temper...again:
more temper

Read this about his Senate experience with technology:
no geek here

Now that we are embroiled in an economic gloom and doom situation, and the Senator likes to place blame for this on his presidential opponent, let us not forget his role in The Keating Five S and L debacle or his long Senate career where he has triumphed the "free market" and deregulation.

But as bad as McCain may be, I still feel he was enough of an independent and a bi-partisan to warrant serious consideration. However, all that withered away when he caved into Republican pressure to pick the notoriously under-qualified and questionable Sarah Palin and advance the God, guns and gays mentality of the hyperconservatives in the GOP. Speaking of Palin, who only last year got her first passport (although she can see across the water to Russia...), she visited the United Nations where her handlers made sure that news media coverage was limited only to cameras for a photo-opportunity. Seems that her handlers know that she doesn't know much about anything and is as dumb as a bowl of cold oatmeal on drywall. Yes, in their never-ending quest to dupe the American public and get elected at any cost, they have shown their true disdain for American values. While she makes fun of Obama for being a community organizer "whatever that is", we know that the GOP's only concern is November 4th. As for November 5th, well, they'll deal with that when the day comes. And if McCain is elected (and watch out for voting fraud...again)to expand the failed and horrible Bush years, we can only hope that the now 72-year old McCain does not die in office, leaving this nation in the hands of a basically uneducated Pentecostal pit bull with lipstick.

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