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Friday, September 5, 2008

The Local Newspaper Says Yes to More Professional Gov't

The editorial in today's newspaper endorses changing our style of city government to bring in more professional management, as proposed by Aldermen Arnett and Israel in two separate bills. Readers may recall that CP has openly supported a city manager form of government for a long time. When Alderman Israel originally proposed legislation to amend the roles and responsibilities of the mayor, council and city administrator, Mayor Moyer used city resources to pen a vitriolic attack on Alderman Israel, accusing him essentially of trying to undermine representational government. Good grief!

Read today's editorial for yourself at:

You may read Mayor Moyer's inexcusable misuse of power and her office to abuse another lawmaker at the city's web site:

Ironically, the mayor's missive kind of explains why we need a more professionally managed government--maybe?

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