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Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Eastport Again

Many of CP's readers may have been wondering why a Medevac helicopter landed in Eastport early last morning. Is this what is known as an "execution style" murder? One alert reader has already been asking if this is a gang related shooting

From our Police Department:
RE: Homicide

On September 13th at approximately 12:30 AM, Annapolis Police Dispatch received reports of shots fired in the area of Janwall Street and Tyler Avenue. Officers found two occupants of a car, a male and a female, who were suffering from gunshot wounds. The male was pronounced dead on the scene. The female was taken to Shock - Trauma in Baltimore and was last known to be in critical but stable condition.
There is no motive or suspect information available at this time. The names of the victims are being withheld pending family notifications and a suitable time of adjustment.
Further information will be released as is appropriate and available.

The male victim was located inside of a vehicle near the intersection of Tyler Ave & Janwall Street. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Investigation revealed he had been shot and died as a result. He has been identified as Ricardo Humberto Rivera, date of birth 6/17/74, of 2318 12th St., Silver Spring, MD. There was a female in the car with Rivera, and she was also shot. She is at Shock Trauma in Baltimore in critical condition. Her identity is being withheld at this time, pending notification of family members. Anyone with information is asked to call the Annapolis Police Department, Detectives Division at 410-268-9000.

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Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate that we have a radical liberal/Democrat monopolized city government.

Paul Foer said...

Dear Anonymous

Really? I think it's unfortunate that cowardly anonymous individuals write in such ridiculous comments. What the heck are radical liberals and who might they be in city government? What the heck does that have to do with a murder?

Anonymous said...

What is ridiculous about it? The Democrats have a strong hold on this city. Who build public housing? Who ignored the crime in city housing?

Anonymous said...

Pathetic, no wonder you have 2 readers. Not posting my response to how the Dems have a strangle hold of this city. In fact, every city run by Dems has high crime, and terrible education. Thankfully the Reps finally took over NYC.

Paul Foer said...

In case you have not noticed, I publish comments that are critical of what I say. I also have only rejected one or two comments because they were incoherent babble..and yours are getting close to that. I still say you are a coward. Why are you afraid to identify yourself? Why do you attack me when I sign my name to everything here every day?
You equate Democrats with liberal/radicals. That's absurd. You equate Democrats with crime and terrible education. Equally absurd. You equate all this with public husing--again-what did this murder have to do with public housing? And you have ignored the fact that I have strongly and consistently opposed the police chief, the mayor, other Democrats and have called for a complete transformation of public housing. So what do you want? What do you support?
Then you say "no wonder I have two readers". The facts show a completely different story--and readership is waaay up. If I had only had two readers, that would make you one half of them, and if it were the case, why would you be so upset? So concerned? So critical? Then you say it was pathetic that I did not post your response? Hey-you only gave me a day or so! Geeze. I blog almost every day--so I took 24 hours this time. Are you in a hurry? Again, your vapid comments on Democrats speak wonders for your absolute lack of intellectual acumen. This no doubt explains why you send these negative, nasty anonymous postings--which I post--and for which you condemn me. You are like an adolescent--not giving anyone a chance to ever score a point because you just are angry, and confused....and because you know everything. And you are afraid. You are afraid of even identifying yourself.

Nap Guy said...

I think that this was most likely as you say, execution style, over drugs. I suppose there's the possibility it was a more violent version of what happened a few months ago, stabbings over some girl.

It seems like we are getting tastes of things to come. I think as long as we are accepting a certain amount of corruption in our city, or country as a whole, hiring undocumented workers, there are bound to be more problems like this, going up an exponential curve. I think this is yet another reason for us to bite the bullet and enforce the federal laws rather than selling out America's unskilled workers.

Paul Foer said...

Nap Guy
Thanks for the thoughtful comments. I have discussed gang violence with a number of alert residents and I appreciate your comments. I would be careful however, about the comments concerning undocumented workers in this particular case, unless you are aware of something of which I am not. We do need a national immigration policy as we cannot let everyone in..nor should we. And yes...we may be in for more gang violence to come. Please keep reading and writing--and I invite you to write your own postings as well, but would really like for you to identify yourself. We are living in what is supposed to be a community.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic. You say you aren't a radical liberal, then spend 3 paragraphs defending them. And not posting my comment on how dems build public housing, and dems ignored the crime problem in them. No wonder people view you as a lunatic.

Paul Foer said...

Okay Mr or Ms Anonymous...Here we go again.
1. I never said I was not a "radical liberal." I asked you what it meant. You (or another "anonymous") never responded.
2.A far as I recall, I posted all the comments you (or whomever) have sent on this piece. I have consistently and repeatedly shown that I am not afraid of posting critical comments. What I don't like are your offensive attacks and cowardly remarks--cowardly because you are just blabbering--but you will not sign your name. As I have stated before, I put my name out here every day.
3. As for me being viewed as a lunatic, that's not my problem and not my concern, but if you are an example of those who view me as a lunatic, well, that certainly explains a lot. Finally, if I am a pathetic,irrelevant lunatic, as you have called me, why are you so upset about me? Have you sought professional counseling for this anger? It might be a start. Perhaps you are afraid of being viewed as a lunatic and therefore you are unwiling to stand up for what you believe, which is to say, to identify yourself.
I have better things to do, so if you really wish to commuicate with me, you'll have to do so directly because I am going to start being even more selective about positng anonymous comments. If you don' like that, start your own blog, unless you are too cowardly to do so.

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