Pearls of Wisdom from Tony McConkey ~ Annapolis Capital Punishment

Friday, September 12, 2008

Pearls of Wisdom from Tony McConkey

While he was being convicted in a court in Maryland for violating a law he helped to write, CLICK:mcconkey Delegate Tony McConkey was at the GOP Convention in Minneapolis/St Paul. There, he and other folks took umbrage at media coverage concerning Sarah Palin's unborn Bast, er I mean illegitimate grandchild...or fetus...depending on where you stand.

Politicker Maryland reports that the MD Republicans call media spotlight harmful to Palin's future grandchild!! CLICK: grandchild

Here is what voluntarily disbarred lawyer Tony McConkey said:

"It's hilarious -- the Democrats -- they feel that they can't be held to any standard because they don't believe in any morals. They don't preach any morals so they can't be held to any standard," he said. "Yet they want to hold Republicans to a higher standard."

I can't speak for Democrats Tony, but I sure do want to hold elected officials to a higher standard. And I really hate it when self-righteous hypocrites such as you and Sarah Palin preach morals...and set such bad examples yourself. I am gonna be sick.

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