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Monday, September 8, 2008

Republican Blogger Upset that Democrats are "Disrepecking" Old Glory

The publisher at hyperconservative blog Anne Arundel Politics is very upset and making a very big deal that the Democratic National Committee is "disrepecking" the American flag. Good grief. They show a picture that supposedly backs up their claim, but I say, even if it is true, give us all a break from this phony, misleading, distracting, pseudo-patriotic vitriol. None of us really have any idea about what is really going on in the photo which is simply a whole lot of rolled up flags, neatly encased in protective bags, probably for shipping off to use elsewhere--or maybe to donate to Al Qaida for all we know.

Oh yeah--Democrats are unpatriotic, flag-hating softies, weak on defense etc., etc...I guess John F. Kennedy did not drive PT 109 and George McGovern (remember him--soft on defense?) did not fly bombers in WW 2, Jimmy Carter was not a submarine officer, John Kerry did not volunteer for Swift boat duty and Max Clellan--remember him and what the Republicans did to him?

Here is the supposedly offending and offensive photo from the blog which claims that it shows "The DNC leadership disrepecking the US flag." I think it looks like a pretty respectful and orderly way to store a whole lot of flags--which by the way, were probably just used for waving and displaying in a patriotic manner--which this rightwinger seems to have overlooked--as well as the fact that if they were going to be disposed of, why would they be so neatly and carefully packed? But it's all beside the point anyhow--and we know what is his point. Those gosh darn disrepecking right wingers are at it again..and boy are they gonna @$$@ all over CP now!:

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